Cough Drop Acid Releases New EP, Yesterday's Trash February 23, 2024 10:44

San Francisco's Cough Drop Acid has delivered their second EP, Yesterday's Trash. The new five song release is available today! Head over to Spotify or Apple Music to listen. You can also grab a digital download of the full 5 song release at at our webstore. Thanks for checking out new art and supporting independent music from the Bay Area!

Cough Drop Acid Releases "Yesterday's Trash" Single February 9, 2024 11:26

Cough Drop Acid - Laundromat

San Francisco's Cough Drop Acid deliver a reflective and poignant indie/folk offering with their new song “Yesterday’s Trash.” The second single off their upcoming EP is available today. Head over to Spotify or Apple Music to listen. You can grab a digital download of the full 5 song release a couple weeks early at our webstore, or wait for the official release date on February 23rd to stream it. Thanks for checking out new art and supporting independent music from the Bay Area!

Cough Drop Acid Releases "Car Racer" January 26, 2024 11:30

Cough Drop Acid - San Francisco Street

Cough Drop Acid is a three-piece ensemble from the hazy underbelly of San Francisco's DIY scene. This group channels the musical history of the region and provides a singular voice that is deeply entrenched in anti-mainstream sentiment, authentic performance, and singer/songwriter introspection. With nods from Spin and New Noise Magazine, Cough Drop Acid is back with an instantly recognizable single to kick off 2024. The distorted opening riff, spaced-out vocals, and locked in groove of “Car Racer” will surely make it an indie rock staple of the decade.

The group's upcoming EP, Yesterday's Trash, is dropping into your streaming service on February 23rd. We've put together a digital gem for our crew though... You can download the album in full, exclusively at our website, starting today! Head over to Spotify or Apple Music to listen to "Car Racer," and our webstore for the 5 song release.

First Look: Cough Drop Acid November 1, 2022 15:29

Cough Drop Acid

You love being first, right? Get your first look at Cough Drop Acid's "Here Is the Truth" over at New Noise Magazine! Singer/songwriter, Stephen Beebout, talks about the band's new songs and the artistic vision behind them. Get a taste...

"The best music is like the opposite of lovemaking—the quicker the better. Cough Drop Acid understand this musical rule so well, showcasing it on two of the most clearly articulated bops of the year. Featuring a variety of sounds—grunge, dream pop, indie rock—both tunes get in, get out, and rule so hard." - New Noise Magazine

Cough Drop Acid in... "Here Is the Truth" August 9, 2022 00:30

Cough Drop Acid

Cough Drop Acid has just released their second single of the summer! "Here Is the Truth" builds on the folky presentation of their last release and adds a touch of urgency to the performances. Beebout's vocal delivery is upfront, dry, and to the point on this one. Melodic bass, warm distorted guitar, and driving drums each individually enter the picture as the track moves forward and finds its voice. The new song is then topped off with two beautifully performed trumpet parts that seamlessly drift in before the closing chords ring out. Give it a listen today! Spotify, Apple Music, & Bandcamp.

New Noise Magazine // Cough Drop Acid June 29, 2022 13:25

New Noise Magazine premiered the new Cough Drop Acid video on their website. Check out the write up and watch the video here.

Grab a download of the song here, and stream it on SpotifyApple MusicAmazon, or the platform of your desire.

Cough Drop Acid releases "Killing Time" June 7, 2022 13:33

Cough Drop Acid

Cough Drop Acid has released a new song titled "Killing Time"! The eerie folk track features Stephen Beebout (vocals, acoustic guitar, and percussion) and is rounded out by Bryce Fernandez on lead guitar and bass. It was recorded by Joseph Sample, mastered by Derek Ted, and mixed by Beebout. Grab a download here, and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or the platform of your desire.

Spin Magazine Interview | Stephen Beebout of Cough Drop Acid & Urban Scandal Records April 6, 2022 11:09

Urban Scandal Records | Cough Drop Acid | Stephen Beebout | Spin Magazine

Our label head and Cough Drop Acid's singer/songwriter, Stephen Beebout, was interviewed for a new Spin Magazine article that came out today! Head over to their website to check out what he thinks about the upcoming Giants baseball season. Peep what Julian Casablancas, Jack White, and others think while you're there!

Softly with Lily Arminda January 28, 2022 14:40

Lily Arminda - When You're Lonely - Softly Spotify Playlist

It's spring already, right? Lily Arminda's "When You're Lonely" is now on Spotify's softly playlist. Her latest release, DTR, is out everywhere.

DTR by Lily Arminda September 17, 2021 12:12

Lily Arminda

DTR by Lily Arminda is out in full! Check out her new EP on your favorite streaming platform or snag a download from our website.

Lily Arminda Releases New Single, "DTR" September 6, 2021 20:54

Lily Arminda

We've all been there. We've struggled to find the balance between how we feel and what we say. The problem is, many times we're completely unaware of this imbalance until it's too late. It catches you by surprise.

Luckily for us, Lily Arminda recently found herself in this situation, and penned "DTR" while sorting it out. The title track of her upcoming EP is available today. Hit up Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal to listen, and catch the full release on 9/17/21.

Lily Arminda: Spotify's Fresh Finds September 2, 2021 12:56

Lily Arminda

We have your playlist for the day. Lily Arminda's new single has been added to Spotify's Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Indie, and Text Me Back! Listen to "When You're Lonely" today and tap in for her EP, DTR. Out everywhere on 9/17.

Lily Arminda August 23, 2021 22:56

Lily Arminda

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know. You like the good stuff. You have immaculate taste. That is why we are pleased to announce that Lily Arminda has joined the label! The 22 year old Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter will be releasing her new EP, DTR, on September 17th, 2021. You can pre-order a digital copy directly from us, or find it wherever you do your music thing.

Wait! There's more. You can also listen to the first single off of DTR today. Stream "When You're Lonely" on Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music. That's all for now. Signing off.

"Morning Sun" by Cough Drop Acid July 11, 2021 14:14

Cough Drop Acid - Morning Sun

Cough Drop Acid's new single, "Morning Sun," unveils an experimentation with a dreamy folk sound that came about while recording at the $RZ&$ studio in Los Angeles. The band got together with producer Derek Ted, to create a new sonic landscape around lyrics that toil with self-awareness and emotional detachment. The result is a single that showcases the band's growing sound and confident execution of their craft. Stream the new track exclusively on Bandcamp.

Cough Drop Acid: "Lonely Sign" June 7, 2021 13:36

Cough Drop Acid

It's nearly impossible to be unsure in an era where every individual's opinion is fact, and truth has become elusive. Refreshingly, Cough Drop Acid doesn’t mind wading in that water of uncertainty. In their new single, “Lonely Sign,” Beebout sings, "I don't know if I have figured out where I stand or what it's all about." This simple declaration opens the door for discussion and admits human flaw when most are hiding behind click bait sentiments. Listen & download "Lonely Sign" via Bandcamp.

Renny Conti - Figurines T-Shirt February 22, 2021 11:53

We've released a companion piece to Renny Conti's new album! The Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium t-shirt features white ink printed on a black Gildan Ultra Cotton 5.3oz tee. These will ship out the week of 3/15. Check out Renny's music and stroll down the street in some gear from your favorite independent musician.

Renny Conti Performs Live February 10, 2021 20:52

Renny released his new album, Figurines Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium, last October and now he's back with a live performance featuring two of those songs. You can catch the live versions of "Pornstar" and "Make Believe" alongside his 2020 song, "Little Boy Blue" thanks to Aboveboard Media's Summit Shows.

Renny's Conti's New Album Is Out! October 29, 2020 22:59

Renny Conti

Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium by Renny Conti is now available everywhere. Enjoy.

Spotify's Fresh Finds: Indie October 14, 2020 15:26

Renny Conti's new single, "Make Believe," has been featured on Spotify's 'Fresh Finds: Indie' playlist! Give the song a listen before his new album drops later this month. Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium will be available everywhere on October 30th, 2020.

Renny Conti: "Make Believe" Music Video - The Big Takeover - Premiere September 8, 2020 11:54

Renny Conti - Promo Photo

Renny Conti has released a music video for his new single, "Make Believe." The video has premiered over at The Big Takeover and is accompanied by an in-depth write up where Conti opens up about his recording process and the internal struggle found within the song's lyrics.

Renny's new album, Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium, will be released in full on October 30th, 2020.

Cough Drop Acid: EP & The Big Takeover May 29, 2020 18:17

Cough Drop Acid

Cough Drop Acid's debut EP is now available everywhere! The release premiered over at The Big Takeover and the full EP stream is accompanied by a fantastic write up that you shouldn't miss. Get a taste below and give the music some spins this weekend.

"Thanks to the combined efforts of Beebout (guitar, vocals), Fernandez (bass), Siobal (drums), and Sample (lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Cough Drop Acid delivers a concise indie rock debut that harks back to the sound of indie legends like Elliott Smith and Bob Mould." - The Big Takeover

Catch the band on Instagram for regular updates and interaction.

Renny Conti: Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium May 28, 2020 18:15

Renny Conti - Album Cover

Renny Conti stops looking back and embraces the moment in his second full length, Figurines, Or: Streams of Thought from an Interminable Period of Identity Moratorium. The songs weave between Manhattan dive bars, out of town retreats, and his vibrant New York City neighborhood of East Williamsburg. Conti explores the people around him and his inner workings while exposing a fascinating picture of what modern life is in your early twenties. Whether he is coming to terms with an addictive personality in "Finally Home" or feeling insecure with his shirt off in "Prayer Book", Renny finds a way to pull in even the most casual listener with his universally relatable story telling. His new album is out on 10/30 and the first single, "Drawing Lines," is out today!

Cough Drop Acid: "Divorce" May 8, 2020 15:45

Cough Drop Acid - Stephen Beebout - Photo by Vladi Turkov

Cough Drop Acid has unveiled a melancholy and driving track that dives into the undercurrents of a dying relationship. The Band's debut EP is out on May 29th. Listen to "Divorce" today.

New Release: Cough Drop Acid - Trust March 17, 2020 22:42

Cough Drop Acid - Photo by Stephen Beebout

We are pleased to announce the release of "Trust" by Cough Drop Acid! It is the first of a handful of songs put together by the new San Francisco based project and is currently available to stream everywhere. The group features Stephen Beebout, Bryce Fernandez, Joseph Sample, and Lucas Siobal. $RZ&$

New Single: "Some Kinda Love" March 15, 2019 08:55

Happy Friday! The second single off Renny Conti's new EP, The Horse, is available today. Check out the psychedelic inspired indie jam on Apple Music or stream the song through Spotify. Get a discounted pre-order of The Horse through our store (only three bucks!!!). The new EP will be available in full on March 29th, 2019. Enjoy.

New Music: Renny Conti - The Horse March 1, 2019 00:00

It's March and we have a fantastic new EP to kick off Spring for you! Renny Conti is perpetually in the moment over the course of his new EP. The Horse features five new tracks that bounce between hook driven indie pop and slow-melting psychedelia. This release is a document of New York City's burgeoning young musician loosening up and blossoming into a more experimental songwriter. You can listen to the first single, "Big Bite", today. Stream it on Spotify or Apple Music and get a discounted pre-order through our website (only three bucks!!!). The Horse will be available in full on March 29th, 2019. Happy Spring. Turn it up.

Interview: Renny Conti November 12, 2018 10:00

It was a cool, cloudy night outside of Boston. Renny Conti was on tour with Derek Ted and musician was taken aside to do an interview for Clipped Wings. The piece covers San Francisco vs. New York City, nostalgia, and the relevance of genres in 2018. Renny's debut album, People Floating, is out now! (pic: Bre Kelly)

Curls: East Coast Debut October 19, 2018 07:00

Curls: 2018 East Coast Tour

Curls has announced a run of East Coast dates for December! The new group will be appearing for the first time in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia following a year of gigging on the West Coast. Their debut release, Vante, came out in November of 2017.

Ticket links!

12/12: Brooklyn NY @ Elsewhere Zone One:…

12/13: New York NY @ Berlin:

12/14: Washington DC @ Songbyrd:

12/15: Philadelphia PA @ MilkBoy:

Renny Conti & Derek Ted October 1, 2018 22:16

Renny Conti will be joining Derek Ted on the East Coast! Hit us up to get a house show address.

Numbskull Release Show September 12, 2018 11:23

The Bay Bridged has posted a write up and photo series on The Band Ice Cream's album release show! Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco was packed and rocking. Check out the recap! Numbskull is out everywhere and the group just announced a NYE show with Andrew W.K. in Berkeley. Get those tickets!

"Suddenly Gone" Music Video September 10, 2018 11:14

Stephen Beebout has released his music video for "Suddenly Gone"! The video stars dancer Keanu Brady and musician André Kushnir. It follows the path of a young artist struggling to accept love in a time where self-fulfillment is expected to come first. The song can be found on Beebout's debut album, Daddy's Dollar Dream.

Renny Conti: People Floating September 6, 2018 16:41

Renny Conti

We have new music for you just in time for Fall! People Floating by Renny Conti is out. The stunning debut album from the young musician can be found on all streaming platforms. Digital downloads are available at our website and cassettes over at Sunroom Recordz & Salon! Catch him live in New York on 9/13. Tickets and info here.

Renny Conti: "Hospital Bed" August 23, 2018 21:38

"Hospital Bed" by Renny Conti is out! The musician's aching new piano ballad has crystal clear imagery and sheer tenderness at its core. His debut album, People Floating, will be available on 9/7. Get the digital pre-order at our store or a cassette through Sunroom Recordz & Salon!

Numbskull Is Out! August 16, 2018 21:32

The Band Ice Cream's new album is out! Numbskull can be heard on all of your favorite streaming platforms. Catch the group on tour across the United States and check out this album write up from Third Outing!

I wanna be "in the band"!! August 10, 2018 10:22

I wanna be "in the band"! Out now on Spotify. The Band Ice Cream's new album, Numbskull, will be available everywhere on 8/17. Catch them on the road all month in the United States!!

Renny Conti: People Floating August 2, 2018 23:17

Renny Conti

We are beyond excited to announce that Renny Conti has signed to Urban Scandal Records! The NYC based singer/songwriter will be releasing his debut full length, People Floating, on September 7th. Get a first listen of the album's title track over at Third Outing! Want the full record? Get a digital pre-order from our store or a copy on cassette from Sunroom Recordz & Salon.

"Your Guy" July 27, 2018 07:39

The Band Ice Cream has unleashed a third track off their upcoming album! "Your Guy" is a lyrically compelling rocker that uses the group's signature soft and dirty approach to songwriting. You'll be singing "I wanna be your guy, wanna make love to you 'till the day I die" all day. Catch the write up and premiere of their new music video at Rebel Noise today! Numbskull is out everywhere on 8/17.

"Softboy Rock" July 13, 2018 00:00

The Band Ice Cream has released a second single off of their upcoming album! Listen to "Softboy Rock" over at New Noise Magazine. Numbskull is out everywhere on 8/17 and pre-orders can be found in our store. Catch the dudes on tour within the United States during August and bang your head, kid. Bang your head.

The Band Ice Cream: Numbskull June 29, 2018 00:00

The Band Ice Cream - Car Photo

The Band Ice Cream will be releasing Numbskull on Friday, August 17th! The follow up to 2017's Classically Trained is a fierce, upbeat, and hook ridden sophomore album that rarely deviates from its mission of pure modern rock. Jack Shirley's pristine analog production brings the group's music to a place yet to be heard by listeners. It's bigger, louder, and boasts fantastic songs. Pre-order Numbskull and listen to the first single, "When you are not around", right here at our website.


7/14: San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill

8/4: Sacramento, CA @ Daydream Festival

8/5: Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court

8/6: Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive

8/7: Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge

8/8: Chicago, IL @ The Burlington

8/9: Ft. Wayne, IN @ Brass Rail

8/10: New York City, NY @ Coney Island Baby

8/11: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie 

8/12: Asheville, NC @ Fleetwoods

8/13: Atlanta, GA @ Siberia

8/14: Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas

8/15: Dallas, TX @ Three Links

8/16: Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room

8/17: San Diego, CA @ The Bancroft

8/18: Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Park Rising

8/19: Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar

8/21: Los Angeles, CA @ Harvard and Stone

8/22: Merced, CA @ House Show

8/23: Arcata, CA @ Humboldt Brews 

8/24: Portland, OR @ The Fixin' To

8/25: Seattle, WA @ Victory Lounge

8/30: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop

Stephen Beebout's New Album is here! April 30, 2018 02:28

Stephen Beebout: Daddy's Dollar Dream

It's out today!! Daddy's Dollar Dream is the debut full length from Stephen Beebout. The American musician behind Urban Scandal Records fled the comfort of San Francisco to record his follow up to Morning Incense & God. The album was recorded in a smoked out North Hollywood studio over two sessions and resulted in a multi-tracked blend of indie rock, folk and bedroom pop. Stream it on Apple Music or Spotify.

New Music: Stephen Beebout's "Movie Scenes" April 16, 2018 23:01

Stephen Beebout: "Movie Scenes" - Cover Art

The second single off of Stephen Beebout's new album, Daddy's Dollar Dream, is out today! "Movie Scenes" is a moving acoustic based track sung to a past lover. Beebout hooks you with the opening line and from that moment on you're no longer just a listener. You're a part of the story. The lyric "It's okay if the only time we talk is when we're sharing art, sharing movie scenes" hits home to anyone who has moved on from a person that you once shared everything with. The somber melody and reflective lyrics are complimented by a wet and reverb soaked organ part that is reminiscent of Phantom Limb era music from The Shins. This raw and vulnerable track is quite possibly the most personal release in Stephen's growing catalog. The new single is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stephen Beebout: Daddy's Dollar Dream Music Video April 10, 2018 11:43

We are pleased to present the music video for "Daddy's Dollar Dream". Stephen Beebout enlisted the help of Julian Larkin (founder of The Dus Room) and André Kushnir to film and act in the visual representation of the song. This project was filmed in the Excelsior District of San Francisco while a young person was gunning down a barber shop blocks away. The violent atmosphere was heard all over the raw footage and resulted in an focused, serious, and unusually playful (at times) video. Stephen's debut album is due out on 4/30/18. You can find a pre-order copy of Daddy's Dollar Dream for the discounted price of $5 right here.

Classically Trained Turns One March 14, 2018 15:24

The Band Ice Cream: Classically Trained

The Band Ice Cream's debut LP, Classically Trained, has turned one! The group's break out full length is now available on vinyl, cassette, and digital for dirt cheap. Head over to our web store to get marked down copies of Classically Trained during the entire month of March. They are on tour right now! Catch them live!

Stephen Beebout Releases "December '17" March 8, 2018 15:29

Stephen Beebout: The Dus Room | Julian Larkin

Stephen Beebout has released a new track today! "December '17" has been added to his ever growing album called Blank Canvas. Exclusively streaming and available for sale at our website or Stephen's Bandcamp. His debut full length, Daddy's Dollar Dream, is due out this April. Listen to the title track here.

Photo: Julian Larkin / The Dus Room

Curls: DLSO Interview March 6, 2018 11:47

DLSO has released an interview with Curls! Read it (maybe google translate it) and jam their latest release, Vante. You can find vinyl/digital copies here.

The Band Ice Cream: Spring 2018 Tour March 6, 2018 11:33

Urban Scandal Records | The Band Ice Cream: Spring 2018 Tour

The Band Ice Cream is back on the road this spring! The group will be pioneering across the west coast all month and making a stop at Treefort Music Fest. Listen to their latest release, Classically Trained, at right here at our website.

Stephen Beebout: Mindies Spotify Playlist (Spain) March 2, 2018 22:03

Ben Burney & Stephen Beebout: North Hollywood

"Daddy's Dollar Dream" by Stephen Beebout has been included in this Mindies playlist on Spotify! His debut full length is due out this April.


Stephen Beebout: "Daddy's Dollar Dream" February 27, 2018 14:06

Stephen Beebout | "Daddy's Dollar Dream"

Stephen Beebout has released the first single off of his debut album! "Daddy's Dollar Dream" is a quick and potent indie rock track that expands the artist's sound to include full band instrumentation. The American musician has toured in America, the United Kingdom, and Europe since the release of 2016's Morning Incense & God. His debut full length is due out this April. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.