Live From SXSW: The Band Ice Cream March 16, 2017 18:02

The Band Ice Cream performs "Sand Dunes" at Impose/Baby Robot Media's SXSW showcase! Vinyl, cassette and digital copies of Classically Trained are available at our website. Catch an upcoming show near you on the second leg of the group's U.S. tour!

New Noise Magazine brings you "Get Rich" March 8, 2017 06:12

Urban Scandal Records - The Band Ice Cream at Rickshawstop in San Francisco

Are you trying to "Get Rich"? New Noise Magazine has premiered a new song off The Band Ice Cream's upcoming full length! You can read a bit about the inspiration behind the song and listen right here. Photo by Julian Larkin.

"Sick Over U" on Popdust March 8, 2017 06:05

The Band Ice Cream - San Francisco Promo Photo

Popdust has brought you a new premiere off of The Band Ice Cream's new album, Classically Trained!

"[The Band Ice Cream] are uniquely and unapologetically carrying the torch of a new generation of noise makers, clawing their way to the international stage with nothing but fervor and irrefutable talent."

Get a first listen of the track here and pre-order the album in our webstore or on Itunes! Photo by Julian Larkin.

Morning Incense & God - Out Now! June 9, 2016 15:10


Urban Scandal Records is pleased to announce the release of Stephen Beebout's new EP titled Morning Incense & God. The folk album is as pure as they come. The San Francisco based musician walked into the studio last March and tracked each song live - from start to finish. The result is a true representation of Beebout's blossoming songwriting ability and fresh approach to an old musical tradition. Find Morning Incense & God at our website or any online retailer worldwide.

Find Morning Incense & God: Urban Scandal RecordsBandcampItunesSpotify 

Interview with Mathew Morand of No Hands January 14, 2016 15:30

I want to say congratulations on the release of your new single, "Left To Our Devices". The response has been great. How are you feeling about the song now that it has been out for a couple weeks? 
Thank you. This is one of my favourite songs from our recording session with Josh Korody back in the spring. I'm happy to have people listening and responding to it after all of this time.
Have you been playing the track on your recent tour dates?
We've played this song on and off since early in the summer. As time progresses the structure of the song gets looser and looser which has made it a lot of fun to play. I love watching a band work to hold it together and come out on top.
The sheer length of "Left To Our Devices" makes it stand out to the majority of punk rock out there. Was the length of the song a conscious decision or something that just felt correct while writing?
I like simplicity. If you can write a song that feels good and holds up without having to play to short attention spans then I would consider that a success. All of us share a very diverse background and taste in music and No Hands more or less functions as a broad means of artistic expression for all of us. Songs aren't going to be put on the chopping block because they don't fit in with other material. We play in this band because these are the people that we want to play music with, not for the sake of being a 'band' that is pigeonholed by a genre or a scene.
What is the lyrical subject matter of your new single?
lot of shitty art has been created on the topic of cell phones and social media lately but here we go: In our time it is very easy to create and present only your best-self through text messaging and social media. You're able to sit on every thought and work on it until it fits in with the leaning of your social circle, prospective partner or whatever else you see fit. I find that to be very fucking boring. I'd rather hear an honest thought, ugly and imperfect as it may be. The song is a frustrated response to that.
The lyrical content of "Left To Our Devices" is an observational based piece of writing. Would you say it is also interjecting an opinion on the current state of western culture?
It is my opinion but it is also something that I am very much guilty of perpetuating all the time. Even after saying this I had my partner proof-read this email to see if I sound right.
Interview is between Mathew Morand and Stephen Beebout.
Photo of Mathew Morand taken by Yosh Photography.

No Hands release "Left To Our Devices" December 29, 2015 00:00


Canada's No Hands has released a new single! "Left To Our Devices" pushes the boundaries of punk with a song structure similar to something you would find in hip-hop. The central focus of the track is on one riff. This guitar riff is catchy, haunting, and abrasive - a formula that has been nearly perfected by the group. Though the guitar work is great, the true beauty comes from how the band evolves that riff and builds around it. Find "Left To Our Devices" on our website or at your favorite online music retailer.

Upcoming Shows:

1/22 - Turbohaus - Montreal, QC

1/23 - The Treehouse - Albany, NY

No Hands Come to America November 21, 2015 17:50

No Hands will be doing some North East dates this December with the Toronto based band Shahman! Mark your calendars if you are near Toronto, Smithtown, Philadelphia, or Providence. "Left To Our Devices", the new single by No Hands, will be released worldwide on December 29th. 

"Left To Our Devices" out Dec. 29th November 6, 2015 23:34

No Hands - "Left To Our Devices"

We are extremely stoked to announce that we will be releasing "Left To Our Devices" by No Hands on December 29th, 2015! The new single pushes the boundaries of punk with a song structure similar to something you would find in hip-hop. The central focus of the track is on one riff. This guitar riff is catchy, haunting, and abrasive - a formula that has been nearly perfected by the group. Though the guitar work is great, the true beauty comes from how the band evolves that riff and builds around it.

Hotel Eddystone & "Miss Black Cloud" Music Video September 7, 2015 11:14

Stephen Beebout has released his new EP titled Hotel Eddystone! You can find the record for download/streaming on our website or at any major online music retailer! The music video for "Miss Black Cloud" has also been released!

Hotel Eddystone by Stephen Beebout June 30, 2015 14:07


"Miss Black Cloud" by Stephen Beebout is now available to stream via Bandcamp! The song draws in the listener from the first vocal line and delivers an intimate portrait of a time in the artist's life. There is a somber yet hopeful vibe that is consistent throughout, and leaves bits of vivid imagery lingering in you. Stephen had these words to say about the release:

"I recorded a full acoustic album this last spring called Hotel Eddystone. Pretty stoked on it. No edits and no computers were used on the entire project. Thanks for making this come to life Derek (Ted Schultz)! Out 9/2/15. Please share with your homies."

Urban Scandal Records will be releasing Hotel Eddystone by Stephen Beebout worldwide on September 2nd, 2015.