Q: Do you accept demos?

A: Yes, send us a link to stream it! You can get in touch through the contact page.


Q: What is a record label?

A: We are a platform for musicians to grow and to be heard. A community of like minded individuals that create a scene by collaboration. Urban Scandal Records performs the business and creative responsibilities that go into making music available across the world.


Q: Who do I contact about using one of the label's songs for film, television, commercials, etc.?

A: You can send inquiries to us through our contact form! 


Q: Why does it cost so much to ship outside of the United States?

A: Fuel is expensive stuff. You can buy physical products in bulk to save on shipping. We also work with distribution partners across the world to help keep costs down for you - buy from them!


Q: I heard record labels don't pay artists. Where can I support the musicians directly?

A: Our agreements with musicians allow for a fair and honest profit sharing model. That being said, the label and musicians do make more money when you buy directly from our website or from the band at a show.


Q: Will you carry a record from my band on your website?

A: Maybe! We only carry independent music in the distribution section of our store. The definition of independent is also totally up to us (yeah, we are talking to you punk). We also have to feel it fits in with what we are doing here. That includes the music, packaging, and format. Hit us up through our contact page to give us some information and a link to stream. We will get back to you if we are interested!