New Music: Stephen Beebout's "Movie Scenes" April 16, 2018 23:01

Stephen Beebout: "Movie Scenes" - Cover Art

The second single off of Stephen Beebout's new album, Daddy's Dollar Dream, is out today! "Movie Scenes" is a moving acoustic based track sung to a past lover. Beebout hooks you with the opening line and from that moment on you're no longer just a listener. You're a part of the story. The lyric "It's okay if the only time we talk is when we're sharing art, sharing movie scenes" hits home to anyone who has moved on from a person that you once shared everything with. The somber melody and reflective lyrics are complimented by a wet and reverb soaked organ part that is reminiscent of Phantom Limb era music from The Shins. This raw and vulnerable track is quite possibly the most personal release in Stephen's growing catalog. The new single is available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.