Windmills: "Gravex" Premiere July 5, 2017 12:36

Windmills is set to release a new LP titled Call Me Crazy on July 10th, 2017. The Owl Paws guitarist has been writing and recording between his time spent with the band and has put together some of his best work to date. The album's first single, "Gravex" features intricate acoustic finger picking that is backed by simple but effective programed drums and lead guitar. Lyrically Windmills is apologetic of his actions and is looking to make moves toward being a more open and compassionate friend - despite having a haunting past that plagues him. The music video for "Gravex" features many artists that are a part of Sunroom Recordz & Salon and gives you a lo-fi view into Windmills' life. Peep the new video and get a copy of Call Me Crazy on July 10th.