Daddy's Dollar Dream

$ 10.00

Daddy's Dollar Dream is the debut full length from Stephen Beebout. The American musician behind Urban Scandal Records fled the comfort of San Francisco to make his follow up to Morning Incense & God. The album was recorded in a smoked out North Hollywood studio over the course of two sessions and resulted in a multi-track blend of indie rock, folk, and bedroom pop.

Credits: Written by Stephen Beebout. Guitar, vocals, and snaps performed by Stephen Beebout. Backup vocals, bass, drums, percussion, organ, and mellotron performed by Ben Burney. Backup vocals by Derek Ted. Engineered and Mixed by Ben Burney & Derek Ted at Primitive Ears in North Hollywood, CA. Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx in South San Francisco, CA. Album photo by Stephen Beebout. "Daddy's Dollar Dream" single photo by Ben Burney.

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