Red Medicine

$ 6.00

Fugazi denied multiple major label offers following the mainstream success of their previous two full length albums. They stayed with Ian's Dischord Records to release their third LP, Red Medicine, in 1995. The band took a step towards art rock and proved just how unique, talented and free a punk band could be nearly 20 years after the scene broke.

Track Listing:
1.Do You Like Me?
2.Bed For The Scraping
3.Latest Disgrace
4.Birthday Pony
5.Forensic Scene
6. Combination Lock
7. Fell, Destroyed
8. By You
9. Version
10. Target
11. Back To Base
12. Downed City
13. Long Distance Runner

Album Credits:
Ian MacKaye - vocals & guitar
Guy Picciotto - vocals & guitar
Joe Lally - bass
Brendan Canty - drums

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